IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation

Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation

Today, most businesses struggle to manage their lead generation, and if you don’t have the right strategy, this problem will remain a challenge. 

If you are a business owner and believe that lead generation is as easy as you think – you’re mistaken. Let’s get your expectation right; it is a resource-demanding process that requires patience, skills, and persistence.  

If you do not set your process, strategy, and expectation right, you are just throwing darts in the dark. 

In this newsletter, we will talk about passive marketing as one of the strategies that you can maximize to attract more leads and maintain a steady cash flow in your business.  



It is a form of marketing that promotes your products and services in seemingly subtle and more native ways that don’t look inconvenient and do not overwhelm your target audience. It is indirect selling/marketing that helps you attract both inbound and outbound leads. The perfect example of this is posting content on social media platforms, blogging, and posting ads. 




When running a business, building your brand identity is a must; it’s a way of making your business credible. It is also one of the keys to success. Thus, you need to maximize every possible marketing strategy, including passive marketing.   




Decision-makers often use social media to research their decisions. Establishing credibility and identity in social media by marketing your brand as a trusted, expert advisor in your field is one of the best ways to influence people and make them come to you.  




Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation

Be clear about your target audience that would likely to avail of your product and services. It is a waste of time posting about your products if you don’t know the people you are selling your products and services.  

It is essential to not waste your time with people who will not end up being your clients because you had your target criteria wrong from the start. 


  • Be specific in your target criteria, such as the company headcount, company’s annual revenue, to make sure that they can afford your products and services, target individual roles, their years of experience, specific industries, etc.

Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation Once you identify and establish your target audience, your next goal is to catch their attention.  

Consistently create attention-grabbing content about your products and services to attract prospects. It’s all about building your brand identity and credibility without spamming your PFCs.  

  • Remember: everyone on social media is contesting for attention. And ATTENTION spans are quicker than ever. So, make sure your content is click-worthy. 
  • Talk about their challenges, ask questions about their frustrations, and present how to help them with your product and services. Asking questions that target their curiosity and challenges will urge them to engage.  



If you use LinkedIn as your leading platform, people who have seen your post and might show interest in your product and services will likely send you a connection.  

On the other hand, people who find your post relevant to their challenges might react and comment.  

So, make sure to connect to both! 

  • Don’t waste any leads. Send a connection right away but make sure to create a compelling connection message.  

Hi NAME,  

I saw that you also liked Justin Welsh’s post on eight steps to overcome your lead generation challenges. Applying these steps worked well for me.  

Anyways, I would love to connect. 

  • Make sure to have a database to keep and monitor these leads.  




Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation 

Be active in social engagements. Be involved in liking and commenting. Joined a group where your target audience is. The more you engage on LinkedIn, the more likely your name will appear and attract potential customers. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the easier it will be to expand your network and establish relationships with your target clients.  


Engage by replying to a comment on your post. The more engagements there is the higher chance for LinkedIn to boost it. That means more people will see your content.  

Once your target audience accepts your connection or accepts the connection they sent, engage in their post by liking and commenting.



Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation

Marketing, whatever form it may be, is a time-consuming task. It may take some time and patience to convert them into a sales call. One of the ways to fill in our sales pipeline is to nurture these leads. You may want to use the active marketing method by sending them a direct message. 






Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation

Passive advertising is part of a marketing effort that reaches people whether they are aware or not, like placing ads in a location where they will be looking anyway. As stated, it does not inconvenience your target audience. 

Since other customers can look at the ad or other content nearby, it does not feel forced or annoying but is somewhat optional and predicted. It makes content and opportunity available to online users through intelligent positioning–but then waits for customers to view the content by themselves. 

Aside from posting content to your social media platforms, advertising also helps you reach the right audience by crafting the right message that converts potential customers into paying customers. It also enables you to retarget your audience, whether you aim to build brand identity or awareness or drive returning business from your loyal customers. 


  • Brainstorm with your name if ads fit your business needs. Some small companies do not use ads because it is costly. If ads are not your priority, you can always use other means of passive marketing. 




Loading Growth | IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE: Passive Marketing for your Lead Generation 

  • Think of your target audience 

What does your audience talk about that your product and services can help? 

  • Be authentic 

Please write in your voice; however, you need to ensure that it resonates with your audience. 

  • Use Hashtags 

Hashtags will help you get discovered by other users, especially those who are not connected to you. So, make sure to use hashtags that resonate with the audience you want to target.  

  • Keep it short and simple. 

Most often than not, people avoid long posts. Make sure to write short paragraphs, keep them to two or three sentences each but, of course, without compromising the message you want to convey. 

  • Have your opinion. 

If you share an article, have your own opinion by providing a new perspective. You can use it to start and finish your content. 

  • Find a partner 

You might want to find someone to get their opinion about your content to know if there are things that you want to remove or add.  

You may realize how time-consuming and daunting lead generation is by just reading one of its strategies. However, as stated in the first message, it requires patience, skills, and persistence. If you are consistent with this strategy, you will be able to reach out and attract as many target audiences as you would like, generate leads, and convert them into paying clients.   

Remember, with consistency; IT PAYS TO BE PASSIVE.   

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