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What Motivates S Style?

  • Relationships and appreciation

How does the S Style display feelings?

  • They are emotionally warm people
  • Generally have a strong circle of friends who they relate to

How does the S Style interact?

  • Tend not to initiate relationships
  • Good listener
  • They ask ‘how’ and who’ questions

What about the person? The S style is:

  • Quiet
  • Shy
  • Steady
  • Submissive
  • Speaks softly and slowly
  • Internalize pain
  • Hate to stand out in the crowd
  • Puts others first
  • Great listeners
  • Very sensitive and unselfish
  • Predominantly pessimistic
  • Early for appointments, very rarely late
  • Is loyal, patient, secretive and comforting

How do you sell a S Style?

  • Be early
  • Be honest, kind and genuine
  • Focus on safety and security
  • Talk a little softer and slower
    Ask more rapport building questions
  • Give more of yourself, they want to hear about you
  • Don’t push


What Motivates I Style?

  • Recognition, approval and visibility

How does the I Style display feelings?

  • They are emotional and optimistic
  • Readily express their own feelings
  • Respond to other’s feelings

How does the I Style interact?

  • They talk
  • Love to verbalise

What about the person? The I style is:

  • Zany
  • Artistic
  • Imaginative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Entertaining
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Sarcastic
  • Fun –loving
  • Showy & spontaneous
  • Requires constant changes
  • Regular praising
  • Needs more than one thing happening at a time
  • Usually late for appointments and is disorganised

How do you sell an I Style?

  • Have fun
  • Be entertaining
  • Be passionate
  • Be social
  • Compliment them on everything
  • Talk about ‘them’
  • Ask lots of questions and allow them to talk
  • Speak a little faster, higher pitch and with animation