5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is the Best Platform for Your IT Business

Loading Growth | 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is the Best Platform for Your IT Business

Studies showed that there are over 100,000 tech companies globally compared to the numbers ten years ago, only 10,000. Smaller providers dominate these tech companies. Most of them tend to be very different but can compete vigorously in various product or service categories. Thus, with all the competition out there, having a business that belongs to the IT industry is really challenging.  

If you are not innovative with your strategy in this fast-paced industry, you will miss many opportunities to grow business revenue. The world is evolving, and the way you did business before may not be effective today. 

This article is specifically for IT business owners, especially a start-up, struggling to generate the right leads to get quality clients or having trouble maintaining a steady cash flow and not maximising LinkedIn for your business.  

LinkedIn is a professional network initially created as a corporate recruitment platform. However, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful marketing tool that you can use for your company, with 800 million members spread across the globe.  

Here are the five reasons why LinkedIn is the best platform for your IT business.  


1. LinkedIn demographics: Key decision-makers


Loading Growth | 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is the Best Platform for Your IT Business


Every IT business firm’s goal is to target companies that suit their product and services. The only way these companies turn into paying clients is to target the people capable of making changes and decisions for the company’s betterment – the decision makers.  

LinkedIn is made up of professionals who engage on the platform on a business level. Based on statistics, four out of five LinkedIn members have the influence to drive business decisions, and 180 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers. That’s 25% of LinkedIn user based.  

The 63 million LinkedIn users are decision-makers, while about 10 million are categorised as C-level executives. 


2. LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to establish yourself as an industry expert. 

LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to establish yourself as an IT industry expert. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise by producing high-quality, engaging content such as industry-specific articles, giving solutions to the business’s problems, having webinars, optimising your profile, and joining like-minded business people for networking and influence.  

Suppose you are an IT business owner, and your goal is to generate leads on LinkedIn. In that case, you can showcase your knowledge by directly addressing the common challenges that your target markets face through your offering to your target market.  


3. LinkedIn is a place to build credibility and trust.

Loading Growth | 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is the Best Platform for Your IT Business


According to Business Insider, LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform for the third year in a row. More and more people are turning in to find and share quality and valuable content. Accordingly, it is the most effective platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement. 

Since the trust is already built inside the platform, building your credibility and gaining the trust of your target audience won’t be that hard.  

One of the ways to establish credibility is by influencing people with your expertise and knowledge by creating relevant content to provide solutions to your target audience. It is crucial because decision-makers often use social media to research their decisions, and they often use LinkedIn because of its established credibility. 


4. LinkedIn’s Role in Buyer’s Journey

Loading Growth | 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is the Best Platform for Your IT Business

You can’t deny the fact that there is already widespread use of social media, and it’s not a surprise that social media today has a massive influence over a buyer’s purchase decision.  

It is said that more than seven out of ten buyers are influenced by social media when deciding to purchase a product or service. 

During their research (Demandbase 2018), 52% of buyers listed LinkedIn as the most influential channel. Therefore, LinkedIn seems to have the upper hand over all the social networks.  


5. LinkedIn ranks your IT brand name on Google


What comes into your mind when searching for a business?  

Nowadays, Google is the first option when there is a need to search for a business. Your company LinkedIn page link will appear right after your website in search results. 

Google is invested in LinkedIn because of its vast networking capabilities. Thus, it is easier to have your LinkedIn page rank on Google than your website or online portfolio. So, make sure to practice linking your website and your articles to your LinkedIn company page. 


There are a lot of advantages that you can get from LinkedIn, and the five reasons mentioned above are just a few of them.  

Hence, if you are still using other platforms and find them ineffective, now is time to take action. Take advantage of LinkedIn, the #1 leading platform for B2B business and experience the ultimate maximum potential it brings to your IT business. 

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