Loading Growth | Why you need to have a Sales Plan?

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Why you need to have a Sales Plan?

Plans serve as roadmaps to your growth and success. If you want to increase your sales, you need to take control of it. Watch the video for tips on how to create an effective sales plan.                                                                                                

Why is there a need for a Sales Plan? Everything in the IT services world starts with sales, if you don’t take control of it, it will control you. Growth only happens with certainty, you need to have a plan that describes the activities required to create sales and the results that you and your business strive for. Like any other firms/businesses, any kind of plan, including sales plan, is crucial to grow the business. Question now is how do you build your sales plan? In Loading Growth, we have a framework and a key to use to help you strategize your next sales plan. Watch the video and learn more.

If you’re starting a business, most specifically one in the IT industry, a plan gets you started! A plan is where you highlight everything you want to achieve with the necessary steps and timeframe to get to that peak of success. But a sales plan is different than a regular plan. Basically, this refers to a business plan where the development of the company’s sales activity is the primary focus. Normally, you set objectives within a particular time frame – objects that tackle specific goals, challenges, target market, etc.

Directs the Effort of Your Sales Team

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Oh I just need to have a good product or service and people will start lining up my door.’ But the thing is, it takes more than a good product or service to have a successful business. You need to be firm and convincing. You need to tell everybody that what you’re offering is the only viable option out of the other options in the market. It’s simple economics. And it’s always healthy to have competition within the market because you get to always check your wins or losses to constantly improve what you currently have.

So those are the reasons why you need to have a sales plan to achieve absolute control and power over the market! In the next section, we’ll discuss how to get started on creating the perfect sales plan for your business:

Loading Growth | Why you need to have a Sales Plan? 


The first step is to analyze your trajectory. There is always a goal to reach when it comes to your business. And once you reached that certain goal, you continue to hit more goals and milestones until the only way to go is up! Sometimes, the first step is the hardest because you have to consider several questions along the way. But you don’t have to worry – these questions help to determine the sales plan for your business.

Here are the questions:

          ● Who are our clients now?

          ● Who are our ideal clients?

          ● Where do most of our sales come from at the moment?

          ● Where else can we get our sales from?

          ● What factors – both internal and external – can affect our sales?

Asking yourself these questions paints a picture of your present. A plan considers not just the present and the future but also the past. You have to look back at what you’ve done so far so that you can see your achievement and what you have right now. Afterward, the only way to go is UP!

Set Goals

Loading Growth | Why you need to have a Sales Plan?

The next step is to set goals. Ask yourself the important question: what do you want to accomplish? But it’s not just a matter of knowing what you want to accomplish but HOW to accomplish them as well. The one tip we have for you is this:

Be SMART with your goals.

Don’t be hasty with important decisions. This is why you need to have a sales plan so that you can refer to a set of goals and criteria and know where you stand. By knowing where you stand, you also know how far you have to go.

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The third step is to develop the steps you’ve aligned with and the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is the step where you’ve outlined your strategies and tactics, overcoming the challenges and hurdles that could be the obstacles to your goals.

During this step, you need to write down the risks and obstacles you may face. Then ask yourself: what is the best way to overcome them? What tools should I use to overcome them? What are the steps I need to take to overcome these obstacles?

By having a sales plan, you always have something to get back to when you’re stuck or when you’re not sure what to do. Think of it as your very own manual where all the solutions are there! It may take a while for you to execute it but at least the plan is in motio n.




Loading Growth | Why you need to have a Sales Plan?


The fourth step is executing your plans. Having a solid plan takes time to take action. Sometimes, it doesn’t work the first time. But don’t be discouraged. Because failures also prove to be lessons as well. If it doesn’t work out the first or second time, it’s guaranteed to work for the next few times. Having a plan in place helps to keep you focused on your goal!


The last step is to evaluate your strategy regularly. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t. But don’t just stop there. When you can see that something isn’t working, then fine-tune that specific issue and improve based on the outline of your plan. For example, if you’ve discovered that people find it difficult to navigate or use your product, then make it easier for them by changing a few things around. If things are working and going according to plan, then keep going! Make sure that you’re never caught slipping. This ensures that you’ll always be at the top of your game. That way, your business will never slow down and you can keep collecting leads and increasing your sales.


We hope this blog teaches you the reasons why you need to have a sales plan! At the end of the day, there are several factors that you should consider getting your business up and running. But with Loading Growth’s help, we know that the goals you’ve set for yourself will easily be accomplished as time goes on. So what are you waiting for? Let’s keep hustlin