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Successful firms always deliver the best value for their client’s money. Discover how to unlock your ability to create unique value propositions that will attract even the most discerning clients. Watch these videos for more insights.

Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process!

Client referrals are one of the cost and time-saving strategies to increase your sales. When you establish trust with your clients, asking them to refer you to others won’t be hard work. Get more tips on how to encourage client referrals on this video.                                

Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process! Client referrals can help increase sales in your IT professional services firm, thus, help in your business growth. Most people understand the idea of asking current clients for referrals but many either don’t do it, or do it at the wrong time in the relationship – early is good. As we say in Loading Growth, we need to ask more of our senior consultants, this is an area where they can help. Build trust to build client referrals. That is the reason why we ask the consultants and not the account management staff. Aim for at least one meeting from a referral per consultant in the next month. If you don’t ask you will never know, for Loading Growth 95% of the time the clients are usually happy to refer. #clientreferrals

The best way to describe business is a quote from the famous Mahatma Gandhi saying, “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him”. Therefore, you can agree that your clients or customers are your ace cards in the status of your business’s stability and success. Without them, would there be a point to launch new products and services in the first place? To build client referrals into your sales process is a critical element in scaling your business. You’re not making a deal with a ghost. We’re talking about people who are involved in your business and push you to improve your trade. Because the more you satisfy your clients with your services, the better the opportunities await your business! 


How to Build Client Referrals into Your Sales Process


Nowadays, the challenge is becoming more tough than usual as your competitors increase. You can’t let your guard down because the moment you lose sight, is the moment you can see yourself behind your competitor.  Every strategy you engage in should be taken seriously as it could cost a huge decline in the number of your loyal clients.  You don’t want that to happen. As a competitive entrepreneur, you can make leverage against your competitors in the marketing industry through your clients.

You indeed depend on them, but they will also depend on you once you have proven your worth. Bear in mind that more clients will engage in your business depending on the feedback they get from your current and previous clients. In short, believe in the power of referral! Because what they hear well about your trade will make them feel well too. So use it in a good way where you can also benefit! With Loading Growth as your partner, it is possible! Read till the end and you’ll learn how to build client referrals into your sales process! 


Survey as First and Vital Step


You can build client referrals into your sales process by doing a survey. A survey will help you find a credible client that will help you spread the good news about your business. Remember that there are two types of news which are good and bad. Both of these spread quickly but the effect differs. They can undoubtedly make or break you. If you will skip the survey, here’s what would likely happen.

build client referrals into your sales process

  • Your client referral would be a flop.
  • The attention that you want to get from other clients will fly on a different path.
  • Potential clients will choose to disengage or decline. And worst, even your current ones.
  • It would be hard for you to make new deals and introduce new products as potential clients lose their trust in your product or service.
  • Monetary loss will follow
  • After you fail, many people will see your business as low quality.

You don’t need to announce that you’re doing a survey. You can look up your list of current and previous clients. Asking a few questions will help you see who benefited and not from your service. Take advantage of the technology and use programs that would work best for your survey like pop-up surveys, newsletters, emailing, and more. And of course, if you’re seeking a certain referral you wouldn’t pick the rotten ones because the best ones will attract more clients in the future.

Good Deals that are Hard to Resist


There’s another way to build client referrals into your sales process. Before you eye for a client referral, it would be a mutual benefit if you can come up with deals they can’t resist. So it’s like a win-win situation. You will lay your proposal to a credible client and in return, he or she may get something from you. This is the best way to convince them to comply. However, make sure that you maintain a healthy margin between them and that it won’t cost you a huge price afterward. Here are some deals you can try;

  • Nothing is more rewarding than an improved service! This will give them more satisfaction and will help you build a trust bond.
  • Construct a loyalty program or incentives that you can give to those who will choose to stick around.
  • Distribute a trial promo or exclusive promo of your new products or services.
  • Award gift cards, customized gifts, cash rewards, or a few months of free subscription for every successful referral they make.

It is good to build client referrals into your sales process. But keep your values and do not be tempted to bribe a client to make false testimony for you to gain honors. Doing this will only put you in uncomfortable circumstances in the future.


A Good Partner That Will Lead You to Good Deals


Loading Growth | Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process!

You don’t want to invest your time, trust, and money in a partner that can only give you a narrow glimpse of success. What you need is a good partner like Loading Growth that will lead you to good deals for your business in the future! It’s hard to walk alone, so it’s a boss move to walk with an agency that leads in the right direction. Loading Growth offers its professional help in IT Services and has expertise in frameworks, accelerators, effective tools, and proper resources that could be leveraged by business owners like you.

Reasons to Make a Deal:

  • They can put your goal into a reality that you can enjoy.
  • Your revenue will multiply.
  • Provides clear solutions to your pain points that hinder your success.
  • Understands your unique needs and create unique strategies that your business requires.
  • Helps you save time and effort as they can accelerate the growth of your business.
  • Gives you more opportunity to enjoy the other areas of your life.

These reasons are just an introduction to what they can do for your business. Start your deal with Loading Growth and see opportunities you haven’t seen before! You can send an email at Info@loadinggrowth.com or talk to their representatives via live chat



Credibility Check


To build client referrals into your sales process, you must also check the credibility of the referral source or the agency you’re working with. As they say, you cannot deny the branch from the root. Your company or business’s image will be at risk if your referral source isn’t credible. Instead of gaining more clients, some people would think that you’re connected to them or perhaps tolerating their entangled situation. It’s not enough for you to have a referral source that possesses good communication skills. Here are a few tips on how you can find a credible referral source:

  • Has a genuine desire to help
  • Exposed to different audiences and has a good relationship with them
  • Doesn’t allow false testimonies for personal gain
  • Understands your business and does appreciate your service or products.
  • Has a good impression on others
  • A good listener


A Critical Element to Scale Your Business


Loading Growth | Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process!


Happy and satisfied clients aren’t just good for your sales but also for the soundness of your business. With the good feedback coming from your clients, you can start to build client referrals into your sales process. Loading Growth will make sure you’ll succeed in this matter. But do you know what matters more? It’s your willingness to grow! This industry won’t give you a smooth sailing journey to success and your first step to surviving is to grow and conquer the big waves ahead of you.