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Cultivating long-term relationships with your clients is essential to your business success. What are the ingredients in fostering a healthy and fruitful relationship with your clients? Discover tips on improving your customer relationship management here.

Why make client management a priority?

Client management should go hand in hand with project management. Managing your clients well isn’t just about your finishing and delivering your projects on time. Having insight to what makes your clients happy is just as important. Learn more about effective client management in this video.

Client Management must be a priority. How to make client management a priority? Appoint a senior client personnel to all strategic clients. All clients should have a engagement framework that your company understands and follows. This role is in addition to the project manager. The project manager should focus on the deliverables of the project and delighting the client and managing risks of the project. The client manager, must focus on making sure that the account grows from the first piece of work and puts effort into making the client a long-term client. Loading Growth will be using a framework on how to prioritize your client management. More information can also be found in our Loading Clients Key.

Your clients are the lifeblood of your revenues. 

Keeping them happy and satisfied is very beneficial for your business. 

For one, customer retention can save you a lot of money, time, and effort compared to customer acquisition.

Plus, they spend 67% more with a brand than new clients.

That’s why you need to put a premium on client management.

Keeping and Retaining Clients

You need a good CRM to manage your clients effectively. 

Here are some practical tips to up your client retention strategy:

  • Educate them

Giving them constant updates will keep them engaged and aware. 

Your clients greatly appreciate when you keep them updated about your business – whether they be new products, the latest trends in the industry, or changes in your company. 


  • Understand their needs

How well do you know your client’s business, their products, and their goals?

If your answer is in the negative, you are endangering your relationship with them.

Knowing these important client details will help you serve them better.

  • Be transparent

Giving your clients constant project updates fosters stronger relationships with them.

What’s even better than updates is giving your clients full access to project tasks.

Not only are you keeping them in the loop but…

But you are allowing them to share their input. 

  • Understand their communication process

Each of your clients has a different communication pattern.

Some are expressive, some want to talk a lot, while there are some who are passive.

Furthermore, what mode of communication do they prefer —

Email, phone calls, video calls, or face to face?

You need to adjust your communication style to that of your clients’.

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