Loading Growth | What to do with your worst clients?

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What to do with your worst clients?

So, what are you going to do — throw them away… abandon them? At Loading Growth, we use a framework called “rate and improve our worst clients.’ Watch this video to find out how it works and how you can incorporate it into your business.                                                                

What to do with your worst clients? We have a saying in Loading Growth, don’t go for multiple client engagements, because you tend to have smaller deal size and it will be the same effort to land a large deal, so always keep an eye that your deal size is at the right level for your firm. Its the LEVEL OF EFFORT vs THE FINANCIAL REWARD The main costs in a consulting firm are driven by number of clients and number of engagements. So start to rate your clients, do it using multiple measures, to make sure it isn’t only financially driven base. Work out a plan, to give your worst clients to the competition and let them lose money on those clients.

As an entrepreneur, your greatest investments are your clients. That’s a fact that cannot be changed and something you should always consider in every decision you make for your business. This is why your competitors use different strategies to get their sympathy as most of all, their loyalty. You sure have received some gift checks, freebies, trial promos, or other gimmicks by some brands trying to please you and encourage you to give their products a try. This is actually a good marketing strategy as every client is important in the flow.

What to Do With Your Worst Clients and the Virtue of Patience


However, not all clients are easy to please. After all, we are unique individuals with different tastes, ways of thinking, and convictions. Your products or services offered are like prescription drugs to your clients. They could either find it effective or defective. But have you ever thought of what to do with your worst clients? Usually, they can be too demanding and gets on your nerves as they make you feel your effort goes straight to the trash. Ouch! 

There are some points where you reflect on your previous actions to see the part that could have gone wrong. But don’t worry, like Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. So before you lock yourself in your room and get drowned in your harsh thoughts, let this article help you find the silver lining! Keep your hopes high for Loading Growth will help these clients see your worth!

Observe like an Owl

Loading Growth | What to do with your worst clients?

It’s frustrating to have not just a difficult but the worst client. It’s a test of patience and ideas because they are your first bashers. Sometimes when you thought you have it figured out, their comments could literally turn red to blue. But what to do with your worst clients? Your first option shouldn’t be “I give up”. Instead, observe like an owl. Not in the sense that you’ll be watching them even in their sleep. But their habits, way of grasping things, motives, and behavior. With your observations, you can come up with a new strategy or approach that would work for them. Here are some of the common traits that you’ll find in worst clients and how you can fire back.

The Google

Clients like this love to meddle in the business as if he or she knows everything. Whatever you do is wrong in their eyes and they’ll never be satisfied with what you can give them.  Well, what can you expect? THEY.KNOW.EVERY.THING. You can fire back at them by intimidating them with unfamiliar terms. But the best move that you can do is to look straight at them and talk your business straight with no intimidation. 

The Pressure Cooker

These types of clients are the worst of the worst for they can consume much of your energy. They are the ones who will give you sleepless nights and terrors. They have bursts of attitude either in public or through call. No matter how provoking they can be, remember not to add fuel to the fire. Instead, keep your composure and show them that you’re not someone they can bully. Even though phone call deals, strike back with a calm voice and relay your solution.  

The Buzz Beater

You can agree that this type of worst customer is the worst because they think everything they demand can be done in a few minutes. They love to give surprise requests and would demand you to comply in a short time. So what to do with your worst clients? To deal with this type of client, you should be firm with your schedule. Tell them what they should expect right away.

The Bidder

You might have encountered a client who’s so demanding with details or has personal requests but later tells you that their bill is questionable. They want all the benefits and aim for opportunities to demand discounts. Sometimes, you have to think about whether you’re still getting profit from this type of client. Offer or refer someone you know that can work with their budget. But remember to do this politely so they can appreciate your gesture.

The Clutch

This type of client loves to intimidate you with their connections. They always brag about someone who can back them up or someone who will decide for them. Clients like this will only give you a hard time. However, we cannot deny the fact that they are also good buyers. What to do with your worst clients like this? Try to be friends with the “friends” they claim as their connections. This way, they cannot easily intimidate you and see you as their equal. 

Seek Professional Help

Loading Growth | What to do with your worst clients? 

Before you lose hope and give up your precious business, seek professional help. Agencies like Loading Growth have been exposed to different clients. So dealing with these types of clients could be as easy as drinking your tea with their help. If you’re one of the IT Professional Services Owners, you don’t need to spend your time dreaming of your desired outcome for your business because they could turn them into reality! You can expect these facts below to happen in your life and in your business when you start your deal with them.

  • Helps accelerate your profits
  • Achieve ideal goals for your business
  • Shapes you into becoming a smart leader that can influence your community and staff
  • Creates a workable plan for the critical matters in your business.
  • Gives effective strategies that can help you attract more clients.

For consultation, you can visit their website or leave a message through their email info@loadinggrowth.com. Facing critical situations like these worsts clients is hard when you’re alone. Seek help from them and see how they can ease your burden.

Break the Chain

Loading Growth | What to do with your worst clients?What to do with your worst clients? There are times when you have to set your boundary by breaking the chain. Those difficult scenarios that left you with only sleepless nights will reoccur unless you say “stop”. You may be holding on because you don’t want to lose a client. Now, what to do with your worst clients? Break the chain if:
  • Your engagement with this client deprives you of your peace.
  • Revenue doesn’t increase but falls.
  • Clients pay you late or overdue and demand more discounts.
  • They harass you or your employees
  • Gives you unrealistic deadlines
  • Starts to tarnish your reputation and treat you less than what you deserve.
  • When they are becoming manipulative.
  • Demands more but gives less

You see, cutting ties is also a blessing in disguise. No matter how much you want to keep these worst clients, if they aren’t willing to be kept, you will only lose sight of the more important things in your business.


To have a harmonious and long-term relationship with clients is your goal as a completive entrepreneur. You can be more than willing to endure the process but there’s a point where you should make a stand. What to do with your worst clients? Let these tips be your guide! Break the chain or remain, the choice is yours to make now.