Loading Growth | Why you need to Run weekly sales meetings

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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Discover how you can unlock and utilise your firm’s ability to turn your profit into growth assets. Knowing these strategies and principles will ensure the future of your business. Watch these videos to learn more.

Why you need to Run weekly sales meetings

Why run sales meetings when you have other things to do? Well, if you are serious about growing your business, you simply cannot skip this part. Watch this short video to get some tips on how to run effective weekly sales meetings with your team.

Why do you need to run weekly sales meetings? What is the best framework to run weekly sales meetings? Firstly, you need one senior person responsible for the firm’s sales pipeline. Run weekly sales and resource forecast meetings to ensure that every sales opportunity is taken, and all available staff are billed and utilized. You also need to hold individual consultants to account for their sales activities. As you know, us consultants are terrible at doing anything consistently, we are too busy delivering for clients. Watch the video for more information.  


Communication is climactic in every aspect. It helps us understand the people around us and vice versa. In fact, it is also essential in business as it is our way to keep in touch with our clients. It enables us to convey our intent in selling our products or services. It helps us know their insights and address their concerns in order to satisfy them and make proper improvements on our side. 

Through communication, we can convert loyal customers and create a trust bond with them that will open new doors of opportunity for our business. However, it’s not just the customers that we need to prioritize but also the people that work in our team. 

They are the people working behind the victory of our products, services, campaigns, and other matters related to our business. So if there are people who can help you track down the status of your business, especially your weekly sales. 

In this article, we’ll help you understand why you need to run weekly sales meeting and how can a business strategy consultant help you handle these matters with ease! 


Loading Growth | Why you need to Run weekly sales meetings 


Barometer of Success and Growth


You might be asking yourself why you need to run weekly sales meeting if you think your company or business is doing well. Well, it’s not that you’re being paranoid. The weekly sales meeting is your barometer of success and growth. Sometimes, just when you thought you were doing fine and kicking well, reality hits you back hard. There are things that you can lose out of sight, thinking they don’t matter or wouldn’t cause trouble in the future. As a barometer, it will give you a vision of the true status of your company with supporting data. 


Loading Growth: Helping Businesses Develop Competent Team


Loading Growth | Why you need to Run weekly sales meetings


You need to know why you need to run weekly sales meeting. But it’s far more important to find the right team for your business. And speaking of confederates, what you need is an IT consultancy business like Loading Growth that will not just lead your business to success and accelerate profit, but also develop your team to become competent. 

A competent team accomplishes simple to complex tasks and has an urge to perform with the highest quality of service. With Loading Growth, you can have both a competent team and a competent business! They train teams and hand in key information that will help every people in the team develop to their best potential. With their expertise in IT solutions, unique strategies designed specifically for every business, effective frameworks, and resources, can surely make any business grow and reach success.  They also offer programs that could help you become the best leader and influencer in your community. 

  • Everest 12 Program 

It is designed for IT Business owners like you to get track of your IT service firm’s growth. It is described as an annual action-centered program that serves its purpose to help you acquire a customized growth plan fitting ideally for your business.  


  • LG90 Program 

This program aims to help IT Service Firms like you to acquire high-converting leads that can effectively improve sales. It will help you focus on other areas of your business as it provides proper lead generation strategies.  


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Quantity and Quality Determiner


Another reason why you need to run weekly sales meeting is for you to see the quantity and quality of your sales activities every week. Through the figures and numbers presented, your team will be able to analyze every detail and see if the flow is going well. It’s actually an honest review because the numbers won’t lie and would show what’s happening in your business. You might say that quantity is easy to measure. How about the quality? Learn more below. 

  • You can measure quality by the length of time you used to sell your product 
  • By the feedback that your team retrieved from calls, emails, chats, texts, and other methods. 
  • From the number of your newly added clients 
  • Also from the quality of leads your business gets 
  • Number of inquiries, follow-ups, and subscribers 


Working Strategy


You implement different strategies for your business and that is the reason why you need to run weekly sales meeting. Your weekly sales will show you if the strategy you implemented is a pop or flop. Every business owner has input in strategic moves being applied. You want to surpass your competitors that is why you’re trying to offer something new, unique, and irresistible to your clients. But let’s face the fact that not all of the strategies we try work as planned. And thanks to the weekly sales meeting because you won’t be needing to suffer from costly mistakes as you have the chance to replace or retain it depending on the result. So how would you know if the strategy you applied is effective? 

  • It has a clear business roadmap. Meaning, that it shows if you’re directing towards your desired business plan.  
  • The resources you allotted were used went as planned and delivered the result you’re expecting. 
  • Your principles and rules you set are achieved 
  • An increase in sales follows 
  • A variety of clients inquire about your services or products 
  • Provides satisfaction to your clients 
  • Business stays on top of mind and search results 
  • Sales report shows an interesting result 
  • Delivers your goals and mission well 




As we’ve mentioned earlier, when we thought our business is doing great, we tend to lose sight of other things. The reason why you need to run weekly sales meeting is to keep yourself informed and motivated. If your team weekly conduct sales meeting, you’ll be up-to-date on your business’s status, especially in finance. If the result shows satisfactory data, you’ll be motivated to strive harder. The same goes if the result shows negative. It will encourage you and your team to come up with a solution by studying the data and developing a new approach or strategy. Here are more tips on how you and your team can keep yourself motivated: 

  1. Start from yourself. Remind yourself about your dream  
  2. Remember the reason why you’re doing it 
  3. Promote positive talk in your team and value each other’s opinion 
  4. Do not overwhelm yourself. Create a realistic timeline for your goals 
  5. Keep moving and avoid distractions 
  6. Talk to people who can give business advice 
  7. Reward yourself or give your team a reward or appreciation once the sales improve 
  8. If you’re working as a team, make sure everyone gets a piece of the job  
  9. Practice gratitude to your team in every contribution they make 
  10. Take a break for a while and find an inspiration 

Room for Development 


One of the best reasons why you need to run weekly sales meeting is to know your business’s strengths and weaknesses.  Working as a team will help convert the weaknesses into strengths with your ideas. This will also enhance your team’s capability in solving critical problems and in developing smart business strategies applicable to solving different adversities. 




Meetings may have been portrayed as boring in movies but hit differently in real life. It is what enables people in business to communicate, strategize, and solve challenges. With the provided reasons why you need to run weekly sales meeting, you’ll be able to devise the perfect plan for your next big move for your business!