How To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Loading Growth | How To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Over the years, IT service firms have never ceased to learn new strategies for keeping their business on track and profiting. However, as the game gets tighter, the challenge of keeping the leads gets tighter too. If you’re an IT business owner, lead generation on different social media, especially on the most trusted platform like LinkedIn will give you a huge advantage. That is why in our discussion, we’ll be giving away tips on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy!  

Just so you know, 16.2% log in to LinkedIn every day alone in the US. And based on research, every second passing through the clock, 77 job applications are being made. This platform holds plenty of opportunities not just for job seekers but also for business people. This means you can generate quality leads especially if you seek help from an IT consultancy business. Continue reading below to go straight to the facts! 


Find Yourself A Reliable Business Strategy Consultant  

Loading Growth | How To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy 

The first tip on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is to find a reliable business strategy consultant. Some business owners think that it is a waste of money to seek help from them. This is only possible if you invest in an inexperienced or less competitive agency. If you want to get positive results, you have to find the best. A business strategy consultant is not just about answering your question but also guiding you along the way. They will keep you competitive in the industry by understanding your business, and its flow and then create strategies to improve the weak points. These strategies will then improve the performance of your business as well as your sales and revenue. 


Getting to Know the IT Consultancy Business of Loading Growth 

Loading Growth as an IT consultancy business proved its efficiency with its years of experience in the industry. If you want to know how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy, they can help you as it is one of their specialties. They have been helping small and big businesses grow and reach their target profit sooner than expected. That’s what you get when you’re moving in the right direction!  

It is easy for them to accomplish such as they have formulated the accelerators, resources, and set of tools fitting for IT business firms like yours. Ian Markram, the founder of Loading Growth, invested his knowledge and experience in building a dependable IT consultancy business that will not just help you become a leader but also train your team to work on their best performance for the benefit of your business. It will also help you avoid costly mistakes and work on the critical points. They offer programs like the following.  


  • LG90 Program 

Learning how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy would be easy as this program aims to help IT Service Firms like you to acquire high-converting leads. This program applies to different platforms of your choice. Name it and they can effectively improve your sales and help you acquire quality leads. Aside from that, this program will help you focus on other areas of your business as it provides proper lead generation strategies. Something you cannot find in other business strategy consultants.  


  • Everest E-12 Program 

This program is designed for IT Business owners like you to get track of your IT service firm’s growth. It is described as an annual action-centered program that serves its purpose to help you acquire a customized growth plan fitting ideally for your business. It will enlighten you about your biggest challenges in business, inspire you to meet like-minded people, and guide you to become better and more competitive in business.  


If you’re worried that enjoying the perks they can provide will cost you a fortune, worry not. They are on a mission to help businesses grow, so whether you’re running a small or big company, you can avail affordable and flexible payment plans. Learn more from their free 45-minute strategy session by filling out the form. You can also visit their website, send a message to, or fill out the form for your further questions. Moving back to the tips on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy, here’s what you need to know.  


Make Your Profile Engaging


Loading Growth | How To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

The second tip on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is with your profile. Using different social media platforms, admit it or not, you wouldn’t pay attention to your follower or someone who doesn’t look interesting. This is a similar case for your prospective customers. If your profile is weak, expect weak leads in return. If you observe your competitors’ profiles, they use different words to flex their accomplishments and the perks they can provide. That’s the one way to grab their attention. Here are more tips to make your profile engaging. 

  1. The picture that you will project is a reflection of your company. So, target to look professional yet friendly and avoid using blurred pictures. 
  1. If you want to use your portrait picture or whatever based on your choice, make sure to upload it in high resolution. 
  1. If the picture that you want to use is not of yourself, make sure that it is related or catchy of attention. 
  1. Highlight your years in the business, the testimonials of your previous and present customers, edges to your competitors, achievements, and perks you can provide. 
  1. Don’t make it sound like you’re bragging. Be professional and choose reader-friendly words. 
  1. Make your highlights short but informative and SEO-friendly  


Start Looking for Quality Leads 

Another tip on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is by looking for quality leads. With a connection request, you are a few steps closer to finding new leads. Browse to see different people and connect with them. After making a connection, they will start to follow you and see your profile.  


Discover New Groups 

One of the most important tips on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is to discover new groups. There are new groups being born on LinkedIn every week. By joining these groups, you can get yourself involved in different conversations. The more people see you and the more you become active in the group, your chances of generating leads increase. People want to see profiles of people that give solutions to their problems and answer their different questions. Just make sure that your input is informative. This is a common mistake of other people. Not because you’re active in the group guarantees good leads in return. The people who joined the group want professional answers and suggestions. So be careful in posting insights.  


Understand LinkedIn Algorithm 

How to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy? The best thing to do is to understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works. Since it operates on a large scale, it holds the secret to how you can generate leads effectively. The LinkedIn algorithm is responsible for the impression about the user’s feed and what type of posts are made by different people and businesses. This also helps determine the trending topics being discussed and other things that affect the posts. Mastering these will help you in creating an engaging profile, and offers, and formulating new strategies!   



Leads are the key for every business to grow. They are as important as your business. Because whether you like it or not, you need it. Now that you’ve learned the tips on how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy, it would be easier for you to redeem your opportunities on LinkedIn! 


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