Why you need a crack hot bonus scheme?

Loading Growth | Why you need a crack hot bonus scheme?

While financial benefits are not the be-all and end-all of motivating your staff, a well-designed bonus scheme can make a positive difference. However, timing is also important when giving them. Learn how by watching this video!

It’s been proven that a well-designed bonus scheme can make the difference between a mediocre consulting firm and an industry leader. Why do you need a bonus scheme? How do you motivate your staff? These are some of the questions that can be answered by using our Growing A-Team Key. True that you have to put in a lot of effort for this to work, but it impacts. How do you go about creating the bonus scheme? You need to link the bonus scheme to reward both personal and company performance. Make the numbers transparent, and as easy to measure as possible.  WATCH OUT! Bonus can bring negative behaviors. You need to keep a tight grip and manage any situation that arises. #bonusscheme

Without a business plan, you won’t be able to achieve success the right way. Here’s what your IT firm might have been missing. A bonus scheme is something that every business owner needs.  And you shouldn’t have just any kind of scheme – you should have a ‘crack hot bonus scheme’. The kind of scheme that guarantees accelerated growth and success to a company. Your IT business will surely flourish. Most importantly, you’re giving motivation to your team members as they will also receive more incentives to stay longer. 

But what is a bonus scheme in the first place? Well, think of it as a plan to provide your employees and team members with a reward system. Basically, the business will agree on a set of objectives and once those objectives have been reached, the employees will receive a reward in return. The reward can be monetary or something else that the management will agree on. With this system in place, you can expect your employees to strive harder just to reach those goals. It’s a win-win situation! Everybody is happy in the end.  


Crack Hot Bonus Scheme in Your Business Roadmap 


That’s why you need a crack hot bonus scheme in your business roadmap. The scheme itself is self-financing because you’ll also be including the value of the bonus within the set targets. There are a lot of ways for you to calculate the total bonus percentage which is why it’s crucial to hire somebody who is good at numbers, like an accountant or a Chief Finance Officer. The management team will determine the percentage of the bonus based on several factors.  


Creating A Hot Bonus Scheme 


Creating a bonus scheme isn’t easy. There is a possibility a poorly designed scheme can have negative impacts on your team members, which is the opposite of what you want. After all, you can reach success easily and quickly if you have an amazing team who also wants to reach the same goals that you’ve set for yourself.   

Again, there are usually two types of bonuses: monetary and non-monetary. The non-monetary incentives can include the following: flexible working hours, early out on specific shifts, vouchers, extra holidays, coupons, etc. Make sure that the bonuses are actually the things that your employees want to have and therefore will motivate them in the long run. 

Loading Growth | Why you need a crack hot bonus scheme? 

Here are the different factors you need to consider when creating a hot bonus scheme for your business roadmap: 

  • Individual Performance 

This refers to the performance of the employee within a given period. During that period, the administrator or manager assesses the overall performance. He/she uses the given criteria which can include but aren’t limited to communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and metrics.  

  • Team Performance 

Secondly, team performance refers to the team’s ability to reach their output goals within a given timeframe. This also includes several factors such as the individual performance of the team members, the cost and time objectives, and the overall quality of the output goals.  

  • Overall Business Performance 

The third factor is overall business performance, which combines the metrics of individual and team performance. If both of them are working well, then it’s sure that the business is performing better than ever! 

  • A combination of two or all 

When you create a hot bonus scheme, you can determine the percentage of the bonus by combining the values of the performances. You can have 10% of the individual performance or even 50% of the overall business performance as part of the criteria. It all depends on you so keep in mind that the numbers need to make sense. Otherwise, you’ll end up creating a poorly designed plan that may make things worse for your team.   


When in doubt, hire a business strategy consultant! 

Loading Growth | Why you need a crack hot bonus scheme?It’s going to be difficult to create a crack hot bonus scheme, especially if you have no clue how to calculate the value of the bonus for your team members. But that’s where an IT consultancy business comes in, especially the ones from Loading Growth! With them, you can hire a business strategy consultant who will take a look at your overall plan and determine the pain points that will negatively impact your business. 

The business gurus at Loading Growth are all equipped with a three-step process that ensures accelerated and maximized growth. If it is your priority to make the most out of your IT business, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Loading Growth. You can book a one-on-one session with Ian Markram, one of the best global IT Services Thought Leaders, and gain insight on how to attract the right audience, discover the right employees and manage the business efficiently.  

Interested? You can email them an inquiry through info@loadinggrowth.com! 


Here Are The Things You Should Consider When Creating A Crack Hot Bonus Scheme! 

Loading Growth | Why you need a crack hot bonus scheme? 

A bonus scheme should have a set of rules and regulations to ensure maximum productivity. This ensures a realistic outcome with high-quality work. With this in mind, anybody can create a bonus model but it’s important to consider the following factors: 

  • Timescales         

Timescales refer to a set of clearly defined rules on when employees can expect to receive their bonuses from the company. By ensuring transparency, your team members can always have something to look forward to! This also allows them to work efficiently and even budget their own plans once they receive their bonuses. Without a clear deadline, your employees might tend to feel scammed! That’s the last thing we want. 

  • Triggers 

Triggers refer to additional points that a bonus model may have when the company reaches certain goals or hits certain targets. By educating your employees about these triggers, they can be more motivated to work harder and more productively to get these extra points and therefore, receive an even bigger bonus! 

  • Type 

There are two common types of a bonus model: guaranteed bonus or discretionary bonus. The guaranteed bonus scheme is usually included in the employment contract and companies are obliged to ensure that employees receive this during their stay. On the other hand, a discretionary bonus isn’t a given in the contract. Employees usually receive this bonus when the team reaches an amazing milestone! This usually works best when there is a high level of trust between the leaders and their team members.  




At the end of the day, the reason why you need a crack hot bonus scheme is purely beneficial for everybody in the team. When you ensure a competitive spirit for your team members, you can expect higher levels of productivity and maximum growth for the business. Of course, this needs to be rewarded. And many people love to receive bonuses from their companies and bosses. The only thing you need to worry about is the logistics of the bonus scheme and the percentage you’re willing to incentivize for your team members.  

If this is something you’re not sure how to calculate, don’t worry. There are many business gurus who are more than willing to provide their services. One of them is Loading Growth, where you can expect accelerated growth!  

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