Loading Growth | Why make client management a priority?

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Cultivating long-term relationships with your clients is essential to your business success. What are the ingredients in fostering a healthy and fruitful relationship with your clients? Discover tips on improving your customer relationship management here.

Why make client management a priority?

Client management should go hand in hand with project management. Managing your clients well isn’t just about your finishing and delivering your projects on time. Having insight to what makes your clients happy is just as important. Learn more about effective client management in this video.

Client Management must be a priority. How to make client management a priority? Appoint a senior client personnel to all strategic clients. All clients should have a engagement framework that your company understands and follows. This role is in addition to the project manager. The project manager should focus on the deliverables of the project and delighting the client and managing risks of the project. The client manager, must focus on making sure that the account grows from the first piece of work and puts effort into making the client a long-term client. Loading Growth will be using a framework on how to prioritize your client management. More information can also be found in our Loading Clients Key.

Think of your business as a human body. You’re the brain coming up with ideas and goals to reach and the people on your team are the hands that will execute those said ideas and goals. So it would make sense that your clients would be the lifeblood of the entire operation. Without your clients, there would be no purpose for your products or services. Without your clients, you’d be an amazing car without any fuel in the engine. Isn’t that depressing?


Loading Growth | Why make client management a priority?

Business Clients for Life

Because our clients are so important to our business, many companies and corporations invest highly in CRMs. Now, what is CRM? Well, it basically means client relationship management. This refers to tools, software, or programs that streamline the processes behind CRM. Examples are Salesforce, Scoro, PipeDrive, etc.


With these tools, building relationships with your clients become easier. You can reach out to your clients, send them engaging content, and answer their inquiries at a quicker pace. CRM is designed to keep people happy and satisfied. More importantly, it makes more sense to invest in customer retention than customer acquisition as it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. And according to many studies, old clients spend 67% more with a brand compared to their newer counterparts. 


So what are you waiting for? Time to grab your notes and answer the question: why make client management a priority?  


Educate Your Clients 


Loading Growth | Why make client management a priority?Educating your clients isn’t the same as a teacher educating the students. In that scenario, follow the general lesson plan – one that ensures that the students are equipped with the knowledge to face the real world. It’s not exactly the same with a business rooted in the IT industry. 


In this case, educating your clients means giving them constant updates and content related to the product or service they signed up for. This keeps them on their toes and lets them know that their money is heading to the right place.


Many of your loyal clients will appreciate the effort you give in keeping them in the loop. By educating them through constant updates, you’re keeping them aware. They won’t have to ask themselves if you’re doing anything that’s not worth their money. Instead, they’ll be wondering what new products you will be launching or what new services improved under your leadership. 




Understand Your Clients’ Needs 

Your clients’ needs should be the first thing on your list when you ask yourself: why make client management a priority? Don’t think about how it’s better to keep your clients happy because they’ll invest more in your business. That kind of thinking can be dangerous because at the end of the day, you’ll be focused solely on yourself. A business won’t survive just with yourself. We hope that you know that.  


Loading Growth | Why make client management a priority?


When it comes to understanding your clients’ needs, you need to ask yourself the same questions you’d ask when receiving a particular product or service from a different company:

  • How well do I know my client’s business? 
  • Is there product the best in the market?  
  • Do their goals align with mine? 

These questions might be tough to answer but rest assured – they will help you serve people better. 

A Coach To Save The Day! 

Having trouble connecting with your clients? Is your product or service not up to their standards? How can you gain their trust again? Looking for a coach? A business strategy consultant? Look no further than Loading Growth

Loading Growth | Why make client management a priority?

Loading Growth isn’t just a place where you can get tips on how to improve your IT consultancy business or your business roadmap. It’s a place where you can learn from the best in the industry – including but not limited to Ian Markram, a Global IT Services Thought Leader. This is a coaching program where you can learn to accelerate your profits, achieve your desired personal outcomes and most importantly, grow your business to heights you never expect to reach in the first place! 


These strategies work! To get started, all you have to do is contact Loading Growth via their email: info@loadinggrowth.com. Afterward, you can engage in their three-step process which is designed to help accelerate the business. Trust the Loading Growth process! You won’t regret it.


Be Transparent About Your Business 

It’s time to reverse the thinking that your business is all in your hands. Because let’s face it – it isn’t There are several factors involved in a business roadmap, too many twists and turns that might confuse you and on the brink of bankruptcy or success. That is the last thing we want for you, especially if you’re running an IT consultancy business.


Transparency is a key feature of a successful business. Not only does it mean being open and honest about the paths and processes your business is taking but it also means ensuring your clients have full access and information to certain project tasks.  

By keeping your clients in the loop, you’re practically giving them an important role in your business. They will feel validated and cared for. They’ll be more willing to share their input and be a part of the overall output. And most importantly, they will feel as if you trust them wholeheartedly. After all, trust has to be mutual in order for it to work. 

Understand Your Clients’ Communication Process 

Again, it’s time to ask yourself the question: why make client management a priority? The answer is simple: investment. You’re investing in your clients and in doing so, you need to uphold a good relationship with them. And what does a relationship need more than anything else except for mutual trust? Communication! 


But communication isn’t just about exchanging messages or content between each other. Communication is a process where you understand one another. For example, a client tells you that they don’t like this specific aspect of the product or service that you’re offering. Instead of nodding along and taking note of their comment, you should communicate your own thoughts as well. Ask them what’s the problem so that you can dig deeper and find a solution that suits you both.  


Communication isn’t just about hearing each other – it’s listening! And by making sure that you’re listening to your customers, you’re better equipped to keep them happy and satisfied with your products or services.


This also refers to their forms of communication. Do they prefer emails or text messages? What is the best time of engagement for them? Do they want to discuss business proposals face-to-face and over a cup of coffee? Depending on their communication style, it’s best to go with the one they’re most comfortable with to get the best results. 




Why make client management a priority? Well, it’s simple. You want your clients to be happy. When your clients are happy, your business is happy. It’s a two-way relationship that ensures success for both parties. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Loading Growth to get started on the best business plan out there!