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Importance of preferred supplier status

When you become a preferred supplier, and your proposal always sits at the top of the list. Most often, you bring home the bacon while your competitors go home empty handed. But how do you become a preferred supplier? This video will tell you how!                            

In the IT professional services firm industry, who would not want to be considered a preferred supplier by their clients. Some of the reasons for wanting a preferred supplier status is, it is an enabler for long-term contracts. This is an increasing trend for large enterprises and also government departments or organizations. For those who are successful at qualifying, it generally leads to significant benefits for your firm. So how do you become a preferred supplier? Well you have to put the work in, target the government agencies or organizations that promote the practice of ‘preferred suppliers’. This will not guarantee you work, but you should expect to get the chance to bid on all relevant projects for your company.

What Is The Importance of Preferred Supplier Status 

No business would argue that knowing where and who their organization is buying from is right down to each arrangement’s terms and prices. Therefore, keeping track of your company’s spending and mitigating risks may be challenging. Especially when you’re managing a range of different suppliers. Not to mention that picking who to participate with might be a lengthy procedure. As a result, every company should think about finding the preferred supplier. This needs to understand the importance of preferred supplier status. To whom you’ll prioritize spending and providing your IT needs? Another matter to carefully study. 


What You Should Look For In A Preferred Supplier 


Loading Growth | Importance of preferred supplier status 


A preferred supplier status can be granted following a thorough evaluation process. This sets them apart from the rest of the company’s supply chain. Meanwhile, a preferred supplier system requires a list of your company’s priorities. When clients seek providers, it places you at the top of the list. Therefore, it establishes your authority and credibility. 


  • Reduced cost – Having a preferred supplier makes it easier to negotiate better prices and payment terms. 
  • Improved service quality — preferred suppliers have a greater understanding of your business. It is due to your close relationship with them. This also means they’ll be better equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. 
  • Communication is easier – Because you’ve already worked together, it’s much easier to converse when problems arise. 
  • Efficient – Doing business with chosen suppliers will be faster and easier for buyers in your organization. 
  • Optimum consistency – Preferred suppliers should be as committed as you. They must put your needs first, and provide high-quality service. You will not have to look for other providers from time to time. 


What Is The Importance of Preferred Supplier Status 


The information technology industry is a highly competitive market. If you believe you have something special to offer, your competitors may believe the same. 

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? 

When you become a preferred provider, a client will turn to you whenever they require your product or service. Here is the importance of a preferred supplier status. 


  • Enhances productivity

With preferred vendors, the marketing strategy is much more efficient. Businesses may simply choose to onboard a supplier. This speeds up the contracting process. 

  • Spend management is improved

Consolidate a company’s supply base.  In short,  select a preferred vendor that allows it to take advantage of the market scale. Also, include the lowering costs and improved payment terms.

  • Supplier ties are stronger

A preferred supplier status aids management in determining where to focus marketing and services initiatives. It’s an opportunity to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Connect with the suppliers who add the most value to your company. Communication and the negotiation process should seamlessly flow. Remember, this is crucial to solid buyer-supplier partnerships. 

  • Minimizes risk

Better supplier connections and contract agreements mean less risk for your company. Accountability, visibility, and confidence are all enhanced through preferred supplier schemes. When problems happen, you can count on your chosen suppliers to be reliable. The pre-determined agreements will make the production easier. 

  • Excellent services and product quality

Preferred suppliers have a closer relationship with the organization. Thus a better grasp of your business objectives. This means they’ll be more able to satisfy your goals and adjust to shifting circumstances. 


What Are The Top Qualities of A Preferred Supplier 

Loading Growth | Importance of preferred supplier status 


Choosing the right supplier is nearly as important as having a long-term partner. The first step in maintaining product quality is finding and picking the right IT supplier. 

What characteristics mark a good supplier? These five qualities of a preferred supplier set them apart from the competition. 


  • Accountability 

It can be difficult to admit a mistake. However, when your business is on the line, dealing with a dependable supplier can make all the difference. 

A responsible provider will accept responsibility for the quality issue and attempt to resolve it rapidly. On the other hand, we have suppliers who refuse to accept responsibility. For their errors might make it difficult to fulfill deadlines and meet product specifications. 


  • Expertise 

If your supplier has previously manufactured a similar product, they are more likely to be familiar with frequent quality difficulties. They’ll be able to discover and correct errors before they influence a substantial amount of the order.  

You can vet prospective suppliers’ experience with your product and market by asking questions. 

  • To what areas does the supplier deliver the major part of their products and services? 
  • Is the provider conversant with your target market’s legal needs and regulations? 
  • Is the supplier’s network equipped with raw resources, production process, inputs, and elements for your product type trustworthy? 
  • Does your provider have any industry-specific certifications for your brand? 


  • Culture Fit 

Some vendors may be more interested in developing new items than others. Others may prioritize lowering their carbon footprint. The aim is to select a provider who shares your objectives. 

Smaller buyers or those with special requests should pay special attention to culture fit. If larger suppliers accept your request, that’s good. They may place other orders ahead of yours, causing frequent manufacturing delays. 

Suppliers who have a client profile comparable to yours will be better able to suit your needs. A supplier’s willingness to collaborate with you and fulfill your needs is an essential quality. 


  • Clear and Ease of Communication 

Working with a provider who is easy to interact with will be quite beneficial to you. Effective communication can help you avoid issues like production delays and unexpected issues. 

What makes it easy to communicate with a supplier? 

Have you ever worked with a vendor who refused to answer questions? Simply because they didn’t match your expectations? That’s bad.

The best suppliers are honest and straightforward. They’re aware that you may have promised things to your clients. And they understand that keeping you in the dark about a poor situation is counterproductive. 

If the status quo changes, they let you know right away. They will seek guidance on requirements if necessary. 


  • Proactive Attitude 

This last quality is arguably the most challenging to find among various suppliers. However, if you’re ready to build a long-term, strong relationship with a supplier, it’s also one of the most desirable. 


A quality-conscious supplier should have a well-established quality management system. They provide impartial feedback and advice on how to rectify matters. Only if these concerns are discovered during the quality check. 




Finding a preferred supplier can be one of the most difficult aspects of driving a business marketing plan. Likewise, understanding the importance of a preferred supplier status can never be set aside. It’s important to choose the right supplier who is easy to work with. Someone who delivers the best available services. With the help of Loading Growth, rest assured that you’re on the right track! Loading Growth focuses on all your IT consulting needs so that you can expect explosive growth. Schedule a free 45-minute strategy session with us now!