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Growing an IT firm is hard work, especially if you don’t have the right people. This section contains insights on how you can cultivate your in-house leaders to help build your firm into a formidable entity in the IT industry.

Plan for success and don’t leave your future to chance!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Stop leaving your future to chance. Watch the video for some tips on how to create a growth-driven strategy for your IT business.                                 

Plan your SUCCESS! HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. The issue we see, business owners lack the time to be strategic, they are always putting out fires at client sites, or battling with internal growing pains.  Success comes with a good plan. A strategic plan that will build a process that starts with financials and links to other drivers of performance. Don’t leave the future to chance, as you can’t rely on miracles. #planforsuccess  

Why do we need to focus on planning?

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

If you love your business and you want it to succeed, you need to have a plan.

The plan you make serves as a blueprint to moving forward.

It also serves as a guideline for your team, a path that shows where they’re headed.

Conversely, not having a plan reflects your lack of leadership.

Sooner or later, that will manifest itself with your team doing a hundred and one tasks but unclear what the goal is.

Worse, the lack of a plan will also be evident to your clients by the way you handle them. 

Creating the Success Blueprint

Creating a plan for your IT firm need not be complicated. It starts with your finances.


Because your finances are the clearest evidence of your success.

After that you can link it to other drivers of your business such as:

  • Consultancy rates
  • Utilisation
  • Resource management
  • Forecasting
  • Sales and management

This information should be ready and available to your management team when they need it.

It will help you and your team make decisions that lead to growth and success

Planning SMART-ly

When planning, make sure that your initiatives are realistic and achievable. 

Be SMART when setting up goals and targets:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

If you haven’t created a clear business plan yet, start NOW. 

Don’t leave it to chance or to a miracle. As I always tell my team, HOPE is NOT A STRATEGY!

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