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How do you attract high-performing consultants into your business? How do you nurture them so you won’t lose them? We give you practical tips that you can apply right away to keep your team motivated.

What’s the right balance between employees and contractors?

What jobs or tasks need to be done by your in-house team, and which ones can be outsourced? Learning to navigate and utilise both teams will help you grow your business steadily. Watch the video!                               

What’s the right balance between employees and contractors? A pool of quality contractors is critical for a consulting firm to optimize profits and have access to a broader range of skills. The use of contractors is increasing, clients and investors are less sensitive, the workforce is mobile. Why not use the next hire as a contractor?  More information can be found in our Growing A-Team Key. Manage your sales internally and we don’t recommend a third party. You need IP and project delivery process to be built and leveraged, for a quality outcome.

Great talent is not lacking. But finding them and creating a formidable roster for your team is not an easy task. 

If you want to find exceptional people, don’t limit yourself. It must be time for you to add contractors to your team. The trick, however, is to find the balance between your employees and contractors. 

Defining Tasks

While there’s no set rules which tasks need to be outsourced, it’s wise to define them first before you start hiring contractors.

One of the main reasons for outsourcing is for your team to focus on specialised tasks. Contractors come in handy for short-term projects that have urgent deadlines. 

There are also times you need a special skill set for a short-term project. Rather than hiring someone full time, you hand the job over to specialised contractors. In other words, your outsourced team operates on an on-call basis.

So what other responsibilities are left for your in-house team?

Your company has sensitive information that you can only entrust to your employees. You cannot risk exposing these data to contractors. 

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