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Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads?

Old leads that might have seeped through your sales funnels in the past might be ready this time. The only way you can find that out is to have a process of how and when to follow up these old leads. We have some tips for you on this video.

Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads? If you don’t have one, we have a framework that is found in our Loading Sales Key. Firstly, you need a CRM. Secondly, you need to maintain it regularly, part of the Rhythm Framework. You have to have, a no excuse approach, to not track sales leads in an CRM system that gives you real-time visibility of the pipeline. Plenty of Systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Pipedrive, etc., they are inexpensive, easy to use also on your smartphones.  

What do you do to old leads that did not convert?

Do you just throw them away or stow them somewhere — forgotten and gone?

If you say yes, you are wasting your money and your resources.

Because these old leads can become gold mines in the future. 

Keeping Track and Following – up Old Leads

Having a CRM in place is necessary to effectively track old sales leads.  

If you’re worried whether you can afford one, there are inexpensive CRMs, like Pipedrive and Microsoft Dynamics, which are available in the market. 

Once you have that in place, make sure that you have a dedicated team that maintains your CRM regularly.

That is to ensure that each and every lead is identified and qualified. 

This process does not have to be complicated.


Look at all the leads that you’ve generated for the last 24 months. 

They might come from your webinars, trade shows, conferences, and email campaigns.

Shake the tree until you have exhausted all the old leads you have.

Prioritise and Assign

Take the no-excuse approach when following up old sales leads. 

Prioritise them. Assign responsibility to your leadership or sales team to follow-up these leads.

It doesn’t matter what platform you use. You can even send them an SMS message.

The main goal is to consistently message them for a month.

You’ll be surprised how many will respond positively.

Those who said no in the past might be saying yes today.

That’s because circumstances have changed and they might need help now more than ever.

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