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Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process!

Client referrals are one of the cost and time-saving strategies to increase your sales. When you establish trust with your clients, asking them to refer you to others won’t be hard work. Get more tips on how to encourage client referrals on this video.                                

Build Client Referrals into your Sales Process! Client referrals can help increase sales in your IT professional services firm, thus, help in your business growth. Most people understand the idea of asking current clients for referrals but many either don’t do it, or do it at the wrong time in the relationship – early is good. As we say in Loading Growth, we need to ask more of our senior consultants, this is an area where they can help. Build trust to build client referrals. That is the reason why we ask the consultants and not the account management staff. Aim for at least one meeting from a referral per consultant in the next month. If you don’t ask you will never know, for Loading Growth 95% of the time the clients are usually happy to refer. #clientreferrals

If you want to grow your company, you need to generate more sales.

And that cannot be done with just a single sale. You can’t depend solely on cold calls as well.

It is always easier when a client recommends you to another. 

That is why customer referral is an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Creating a Referral Process

To get the most out of referrals, you need to create a process that will guide each stage and action needed to advance the opportunity. 


This is similar to the first stage of the sales process. 

Determine which of your existing clients could refer you to another client.

Anyone can provide a referral, but not everyone can give you quality referrals.


What exactly are quality referrals?

These are the ones that match your Future Perfect Clients profile.

They are also the ones who can afford the product / service you offer.


This is the stage where you ask your existing clients to introduce you to a new potential client.

Set aside time to talk to them and ask for the favor.

They might hesitate at first, so we recommend two things:

  • Assure them that the initial conversation will not involve sales
  • You are there to provide value and insight that might help the prospect.


Help your clients by giving them a sample email they can use to make the introduction. 

Make the email short and straightforward — your goal is to make the introduction as smooth as possible. 


Follow up is your magic word.

It may take several conversations with your clients before they make the introduction.

Just like your sales cycle, time your follow up so you don’t annoy them. 


Once you start the conversation with the new referral, don’t forget to thank your client.

Give it a personal touch to let them know that you really appreciate what they’ve done.

It will also encourage them to do it again for you.

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