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Cultivating long-term relationships with your clients is essential to your business success. What are the ingredients in fostering a healthy and fruitful relationship with your clients? Discover tips on improving your customer relationship management here.

Why you need to Invest in strategic clients!

Strategic clients play a critical role in the long-term success of your company. They also pay better rates and understand the value you deliver to them. How do you engage and nurture your relationship with these types of clients? Watch the video to learn more!                                                    

Why you need to Invest in strategic clients? The reason why you target certain clients is they are either easier to work with, pay better rates, require larger engagements or understand the value that you deliver, which means this should be a better fit for your consultants and your firm. This should have a flow on effect to profits and then your shareholder value. If you do this, you can protect your margins, the rates will be lower than normal and will make it difficult for competitors to engage at the same price point at the client. Also many more reasons to invest in clients, for further info please have a look at Loading Clients.  

Who are your strategic clients?

What kind of clients can you define as strategic?

They are clients who:

  • Add more value to your brand and business
  • Help you go into the next level or new area
  • Help you expand your network

Looking at the definitions above, a strategic client is more than a revenue stream. 

They are like partners who help each other grow and succeed.

These types of clients have a different set of expectations.

Nurturing Your Strategic Clients

Your strategic clients expect more from you than your other clients. 

Although all clients are the same, they have a different set of needs. 

You need to engage them more and…

You need to deliver more outcomes. 

Nurturing these clients would require:

  • Constant communication

Your relationship with your strategic client goes much deeper.

Constant communication plays a critical role in fostering your relationship with them. 

You need to understand their strategy and align the right resources to their needs.

They also need to be aware of and understand what you are doing.


  • Effective execution

If you can’t deliver what you promised, you will lose your strategic client. 

After all, they have greater faith in what you have to offer. 

Giving them amazing outcomes is not a one-time deal.

You need to consistently and continuously deliver outstanding results.

  • Improved performance

As you continue fostering your relationship with your strategic clients, you also grow.

If you want to keep on delivering better results, you cannot remain stagnant. 

You also need to grow because your client’s needs also change as they progress.

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