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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Discover how you can unlock and utilise your firm’s ability to turn your profit into growth assets. Knowing these strategies and principles will ensure the future of your business. Watch these videos to learn more.

Sales performance and why you need to have laser sharp focus!

Steady sales growth is the main goal of every business. That’s why you need to measure your sales performance regularly. What kind of framework should you use to have a thorough insight of what your sales look like?  Watch this video for some tips!          

Why is there a need to focus on Sales Performance? What framework do you use to measure your sales by market sector or industry? You will find the answers in the Loading Sales Key. It needs to be measured weekly and constantly, try and put it on your phone and put charts in key places in your office. Focus on sales performance in all management meetings. Make sales growth the overriding mantra for all staff. Reward and recognize performance.    #loadinggrowth #salesperformance

Laser-like focus means you consistently align your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your goals.

This is the kind of focus you need on sales performance. 

There are four major reasons why you need to do this:

  • Sales is what drives your company’s financial growth.

Figures don’t lie. If your sales figure is crappy, your business is a mess. 

And if you’re not bringing in enough money, all other aspects of your business cannot grow.

How can you if you have no money to hire the best people or pay for the best tools?

  • Sales is what pays the other areas of your business.

Marketing or your R&D does not pay for your expenses.

Your sales do!

It prevents you from going into debt or  raising more capital.

If your sales are consistently growing, the more stable your business becomes.

  • Your sales team is your greatest asset.

Evaluation and training on a regular basis will improve your sales team.

These are drivers of growth, ensuring you that the team is on their optimum performance. 

Without evaluation, you cannot know which areas need improvement.

Without training, growth does not happen.

  • Your sales reflect the value of your company.

Your sales show that people like the product or service that you offer.

It’s an indicator that people trust you and believe in what you offer.

Conversely, if your sales drop,  it’s time to reevaluate whether you need changes and improvements to your product or service. 

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