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Having a great product or service is not enough. You clearly convey your message to your target audience. Growing Market contains tips on how to effectively present your brand message and improve your client generation and retention.

THE BP Framework, Always present the BIG PICTURE to clients!

Do you want to build long-term relationships with your clients? Invest in their vision and show how you can add value to their goal. You will not only earn their trust and loyalty, but also their referrals. Watch the video to learn more!                                           

Present the BIG PICTURE to clients. Don’t forget you never want to leave a client and you never want to stop working for them.  Most consulting firms shy away from presenting the long-term view of how they can deliver ongoing benefits for the client, fearing it will scare the client away. The opposite is the reality, clients mostly want people to invest in their vision as well. So you are probably asking yourself how to use the BIG PICTURE – BP Framework ? Firstly, your proposition to a prospect client includes a long-term vision showing clear benefits over time.  Watch the video for more information.

The BP Framework, Always Present The Big Picture To Clients! 

As a business owner, you are willing to do anything that you can just to make sure your company grows and gain profits. From the moment you decided to put up your business, you have imagined how you wanted it to be and to be known. 

You’ve worked so hard to make it work and meet different people in the field to learn. Aside from your competitors in the business, your clients are the biggest people in your company. They are the generators of your company’s revenue whether you like it or not.  

This is the reason why your competitors resort to different gimmicks to get their attention and encourage them to try their products or services. Actually, it’s not about the brand. Clients stick to businesses that can help solve their problems. 

You sure didn’t start a business just to lose. So in this article, allow us to help you get two steps ahead of your competitors by sharing tips on how you can show the big picture to your clients with the right BP framework! Along the way, you will also encounter the best business strategy consultant that could help you paint the big picture of your company.  


Know Your Clients 

Loading Growth | THE BP Framework, Always present the BIG PICTURE to clients!

You can devise the perfect BP framework if you know your clients. Indeed, each of us will never be exactly the same and our choices differ. This is what spices the game in the industry because the more people you can handle, the greater the chance for you to develop the best products or services. Knowing your clients will help you solve their problem and their interest. Which would then enable them to comprehend what solution is fitting their problem as well as the approach that will work to convince them.  Basically, you can imagine yourself doing a little bit of the work of a secret agent in locking their target. Minus the kicking, heavy actions, and the explosive parts. Here are some ways that would help you get to know your clients. 

  1. The first clue is right in your pocket! Your mobile phone has social media apps installed and each could give you a hint of what’s trendy and hot topic once you logged in. 
  2. Using different social media platforms will enable you to see what most people are looking at, aspiring for, searching and acquiring. 
  3. Implement surveys online or schedule them face to face to get their authentic reaction 
  4. If you have a record of your past sales, you can easily determine what most of your customers buy and ignore. This way, you get a better view of their interests. 
  5. Making a call to your customers and asking a few questions will also give you leads. 
  6. Creating a profile for your customers won’t just make you organized but familiar with their interests, other important information, and appearance. 
  7. Invite your clients to an event where they can see your products, services, and a space where they can share their insights or comments. 
  8. The words that they type or search on google or other search engines will give you a clue of the things they frequently visit or pay attention to.  


Relay the Benefits 


Your BP framework will work if you will also consider flexing the benefits your customers could get from your business or company. it’s not called boasting as long as you put the right words to say.  Flexing the benefits will make them realize what they truly want and experience. Some businesses are afraid to do this as their afraid of not meeting the expectation of the clients. Honestly speaking, why would you be afraid if you ill only provide the truth? That is why in flexing, you must not incorporate false advertisements, promises you can’t keep, or things you can’t provide just to get their attention. Remember that like click baits, they may work for one time but ruin your future chances. Here’s how you can start: 

  • Start by greeting the client. 
  • Once you receive a response be it by email, chat, or call, be courteous in starting a conversation. 
  • Assess the situation. Your potential clients will engross the sentences you’ll make depending on their mood. So proceed with caution and cut the conversation politely if you feel that the client that you’re talking to is stressed or angry. 
  • After being hooked, you can start introducing your products and services. Then relay the benefits they can get. 
  • Make sure that before you talk to your clients, you, yourself, know what you’re selling and everything important about it. Because some customers require a bit of Q&A before you can convince them. 
  • If they have something to say, do not interrupt. Make them feel heard and appreciated by paying attention to what they’re saying and responding appropriately.   
  • List down their concerns, suggestions, or details that you think would help your business. 
  • When you’re done, don’t forget to thank them for their time. 
  • Offer freebies, coupons, discounts, gift certificates, free subscriptions, or samples that they can claim or receive at home. This way, they won’t think their time is wasted and at the same time appreciate your effort. 

1 Real Deal, Real Benefits with Loading Growth


For so many years in the business, Loading Growth marked its name as one of the most trusted IT Consultancy Business of this generation. Some business strategy consultant provides different deals that are too good to be true which leads to disappointment in the end. Loading growth won’t feed you with promises they can’t keep! They offer real deals and benefits you will enjoy once you’re in business with them.  

Rest assured that your BP framework is ideal for your company and clients as they are excellent at developing a personalized business strategy that works really well. With them, you don’t need to do the heavy lifting and just focus on the other areas of your business! 

They create advantages that will help you win over your competitors and provide high-quality leads that will help secure your business’s profitability.  

What more to expect? 

  • Accelerating profit 
  • Ideal goals for your business 
  • Shape you into becoming a smart leader that can influence your community and staff  
  • Ideal and workable plan for the critical matters in your business. 
  • Effective strategies that can help you attract more clients. 


Are you ready to experience relief in your business? Start your deal with them by visiting their website. You can also send a message to info@loadinggrowth.com or fill out the form for further questions.  


Take Advantage of the Technology 

Loading Growth | THE BP Framework, Always present the BIG PICTURE to clients! 

To get a perfect BP framework, take advantage of the technology! We don’t live inside the caves anymore. This era offers advancement and less movement. So communication, promotion, and deals are a lot easier in business today. Using these products of technology below, more advantages will pop. 

  • Social Media Platforms – This would help you reach your potential clients by sending a friend request, following, sending a personal message, commenting, sharing, and more. 
  • Emails – Provides a free and cheap way to interact with your clients by sending personal messages or newsletters. 
  • Texts – Ideal for small or starting businesses as it enables you to inform your clients about your announcements, promos, schedules, or offers real quick. 
  • Chats – Provides a great opportunity for your clients to send their concerns and inquiries. It also comes with automated answers which makes it ideal for businesses 
  • Website  Houses the information about your business/company, products, services, schedule, and other important details.   


The picture that we first saw and urged us to pursue our dream business is the same picture that we want our clients to see. As much as we want to provide all their request, we learned in this article that it requires an ideal BP framework to work and how we can paint the big picture to our clients. We hope this information serves your business well!