The Loading Growth Boardroom

An Exclusive, High Performance Coaching group

The Loading Growth Boardroom is a high performance and exclusive coaching group focused on helping members grow their IT consultancy businesses faster

The Boardroom takes the principles from the Baseline Accelerator Program and expands on them, allowing members to hone their skills, work as a team, highlight trends and react to the ever changing landscape of the IT Services industry.

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Why Join The Boardroom?

As a part of The Boardroom you will gain access to the industry’s top minds including direct coaching from Ian Markram founder of Loading Growth.

The Boardroom will supply you with specific and actionable measures to grow your business. You will also have the opportunity to ethically “steal” systems and processes that are working for other members of the group and implement them in your own business.

Ultimately, the focus of The Boardroom is working together to overcome business challenges and to receive the direct guidance needed to take your IT consultancy business to the next level.

The end result is making more money!

Who Is The Program For?

The Boardroom is an exclusive group with specific eligibility requirements.

Applicants must run a multi million dollar business within the IT Consultancy Sector.

It is preferred that applicants have already completed the Loading Growth Baseline Accelerator Program.

Ian Markram must approve all applications after receiving the application and holding a discussion to determine whether the applicant is a good fit to join The Boardroom.


Apply To Join The Boardroom

Fill out the form below to submit your application for The Boardroom.

Your application will be reviewed by Ian Markram and you will receive a call within 24 hours to discuss whether you are a good fit to join the group.