About loading Growth

Helping People In The IT Professional Services Industry Reach Their Dream

Loading Growth was born out of the passion of helping people in the IT Professional services industry reach their dream.

Ian Markram, the founder of Loading Growth, is the main driver behind the business, having spent all of his professional life in the industry consulting to some of the largest companies around the globe. He managed practices and was the founder of consultancy businesses and later exiting them in either a trade sale or as a shareholder of the company being liquidated, yes the ugly as well which is all part of the learning.

First Hand Experience

On the client side, Ian has gained his knowledge the hard way, as a junior consultant on large international projects in the 90”s, through managing engagements and sitting on steering committees on some of the largest programs.

Ian has been down deep in the trenches achieving successful outcomes for clients for the last 24 years. He really understands the daily pressure and grind of being a consultant and what it takes to deliver successfully.

On the consulting firm side, Ian has worked at a few consulting firms when they were in their infancy. He witnessed first hand the accelerated growth to become some of the largest consultancy firms in the world. He also witnessed the mistakes from not managing the companies correctly as well experienced economic downturns and how to survive.

The combination of what Ian has learned from his consultancy days and running a services firm, as well as coaching business since 2019, he has developed strategies which are used in the Loading Growth program to help people fast track their success.

Why Is He Doing This?

Loading Growth, started with Ian helping out a few consultancy firms who knew what Ian had achieved in the industry and requested help.

After a while it started to become a fulltime job. Ian then decided to link that up with his other passion which is to coach people to grow and develop to their full potential.

Unfortunately the battle with time vs output, and the personalised approach was too costly for most. Ian decided to allow people to gain access to his learnings via a program approach and also a powerful network of like minded people to create a community where they can share their challenges, successes, support each other and more importantly to help encourage other people to realise their dreams.

This is specific for IT professional services firms and is not a generic program that is trying to solve everyone’s problems. As one of Ian’s clients reflected “Ian’s approach and style are direct, but motivating and inspirational.”

Ian currently resides in Sydney Australia, and often travels overseas to coach clients, so connect with him below and keep an eye out for him!


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