How to get your Company EBIT to 20%?

Loading Growth | How to get your Company EBIT to 20%?

Is it possible to increase your EBIT to 20 percent? Yes! And you have to do it fast to protect your business from unexpected sales losses. Watch this video to find out the metrics we use that will help you do that.                                    

How to get your Company EBIT to 20%? We need to start by Analysing the last 2 years of your P&L statements in detail and identify the true EBIT (earnings or profit before interest and tax). Identify the metrics that would increase it to 20%, the 5 Dials as we call it -> like charge out rates, utilisation, salaries, consultant costs and overheads. You need to measure them monthly as a team and aim to hit  20% as fast as possible.  20% also provides a buffer, that will insulate you against unexpected sales losses. More information can be found in our Loading Sales Key.  

The success of a business could not be measured by how well it looks on its outer appearance. Some business may look profitable as they reside in tower buildings or has multiple ads but gets negative in revenue. While others are small yet expect a huge annual revenue.  

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you sure have envisioned a business roadmap with a straight path to success. Indeed your customers take a huge piece of your business’s growth. But remember that they aren’t the only factor in your circle. Because at the end of the day, your company’s profitability is the indicator of your business status. 

Your business needs to make an ideal profit as it enables you to secure the finances and funds for your projects. The more your business becomes profitable, the more investors you can attract and help your business flourish. To ensure your profit, let this article teach you how to get your company EBIT to 20% and what could business strategy consultant like Loading Growth 


What is EBIT? 

It would be weird if we teach you how to get your company EBIT to 20% if you aren’t aware of its potential and definition. So allow us to help you understand its purpose and origin using these facts below. 

  • EBIT stands for Earnings Before Interest and Taxes 
  • It is known in many terms like operating profit, net operating income, operating income, and net operating profit.  
  • The American billionaire investor, John Malone invented this with the purpose to minimize the reports in taxes and earnings to ensure the internal growth of the company and acquire pretax cash flow. 
  • Earnings before interests and taxes or EBIT is a powerful tool of measurement for your company’s potential in making a profit from operations.  
  • It is essential to perform in businesses as it helps in projecting the amount of profit you make from your core operations. 
  • Unlike the misconception of others, it is not focused on individual tax obligations or the capital structure of a business.  
  • To get the accurate percentage of your earnings before interests and taxes, you must covert the absolute money you earned into a ratio. Then multiply whatever result comes up with 100 to get the proper percentage. 
  • Your EBIT is the key to securing your future loans or acquiring investment for your company.  

Now that you’ve learned what’s EBIT, let’s talk about how to get your company EBIT to 20%. 


Expense Management 


Loading Growth | How to get your Company EBIT to 20%? 


Your first step on how to get your company EBIT to 20% is expense management. Your common expenses are supplies, payroll, the electric bill, water bill, maintenance, taxes, and your monthly pay for rent. If you can save from any of these, you can expect higher earnings before interests and taxes. Here are some ways that would help reduce your expenses. 

  • Check your operations and see the number of your employees. 
  • Reduce excess employees but introduce incentives to the remaining to keep them motivated. 
  • Browse your other expenses to see what’s unnecessary and cut them down. 
  • If you’re paying for rent, look for another place that offers a lower price but offers the same comfort. 
  • Shut down unnecessary equipment or appliances. 
  • Call for a repairman to solve your problem with leaking pipes that causes a rocket in your water bill. 
  • For the raw materials, try to use local brands that offer the same quality for a lower cost. 
  • Reduce your expenses on supplies 
  • Compare prices but do not forsake the quality 

Loading Growth: Leading Businesses in Gaining Profitable Income 

Behind a successful business roadmap is thoughtful planning and the right partners in the business. As they say, you can’t sail alone facing the big waves in the business. For you to surpass this and survive, what you need is a business strategy consultant or an IT Consultancy Business like Loading Growth! The experience could teach us important lessons but the lesson from experts will help you avoid the unnecessary route to success. 

Loading Growth | How to get your Company EBIT to 20%?

Loading Growth helped many IT Professional Services Owners maximize their profits with their clever strategies which help owners achieve their target outcomes.  

Here’s what you can expect when you make business with them: 

  • Develop your quality as a leader and influencer in your community 
  • Help you attract a variety of potential clients to your business  
  • Minimizes your effort in finding competitive staff  
  • Creates a road map that will help your business survive the critical 
  • Stabilize your business with the right frameworks and designed resources 
  • Accelerates your revenue into millions 
  • Guide you in creating a personalized strategy that would fit your goal well for your IT service firm. 
  • Provide unique solutions for your IT business 

These are just a few examples of what changes they can do for your business. You can visit their website for more details. You can also send a message to or fill out the form for your further questions.  

Invest in Proper Technology

Another way how to get your company EBIT to 20% is the investment in proper technology. Did you know that the cost of your production would be cheaper if you adapt automation? There is plenty of proper technology that you can use to achieve this. As you know, our body has limits. Your employees could get sick, tired, or demotivated which therefore affects their performance at work and the production. Here are some questions that would help you find the right technology to incorporate into your business. 

  1. Is it easy to use? 
  2. Could it be integrated with other tools? 
  3. Would it give you a cost-benefit? 
  4. Do your competitors use it? 
  5. Would it make you broke if you buy it? 
  6. Do you think that it can fill your business’s needs? 
  7. Will it shorten the production time? 
  8. Is there a chance of ruining your product in any way? 
  9. Do you really need it? 

Go for Discounts 

Loading Growth | How to get your Company EBIT to 20%? 

One way how to get your company EBIT to 20% is to go for discounts. If your product relies on resource materials purchased in bulk. This way the materials will lower in price enabling you to get a discount and save. You can also negotiate with your suppliers or look for a new partner that offers a lower cost. You can also turn to large retailers to get better deals. But hold on! Here’s what you need to look out for to avoid uncomfortable circumstances. 

  • Make sure it’s legal and high-grade 
  • Beware of hidden taxes 
  • Check if you’ll get even with the shipping expenses 
  • If it’s consumable, check for the expiration, ask for a warranty if they are gadgets, and quality if they are raw materials

Consider Price Increase 

Have you thought that maybe, it’s time for you to update your price? This is one way how to get your company EBIT to 20%. But before you do that, make sure that your customers would see it as reasonable. It could be a change in formula, increase in service, or other reasonable cause for your increase. This way, they’ll continue to engage in your business.  


Every business owner dreams of having a profitable income. We try different things and strategies to make it work. Some of us even seek help from a business strategy consultant like Loading Growth which does help especially in complex business decisions. Now that you’ve learned how to get your company EBIT to 20%, expect the good changes coming your way! 

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