Loading Growth | Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads?

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Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads?

Old leads that might have seeped through your sales funnels in the past might be ready this time. The only way you can find that out is to have a process of how and when to follow up these old leads. We have some tips for you on this video.

Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads? If you don’t have one, we have a framework that is found in our Loading Sales Key. Firstly, you need a CRM. Secondly, you need to maintain it regularly, part of the Rhythm Framework. You have to have, a no excuse approach, to not track sales leads in an CRM system that gives you real-time visibility of the pipeline. Plenty of Systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Pipedrive, etc., they are inexpensive, easy to use also on your smartphones.  


Do You Have A Rhythm To Follow-Up Old Sales Leads? 

A successful business roadmap is achieved by those who move with passion and smart strategies. However, on every road, there’s a struggle. As a business owner, you may encounter challenges like a decrease in sales due to your growing competition. Relax, you don’t need to back out! 

The things you worked hard for would go to waste if you don’t take this challenge positively. Sales could go up or down, and it’s up to you which of these two would you fall in continuously. You have the power to change the result! There are plenty of strategies that you can apply to reverse the effect and turn your company into a profitable one. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing some useful information that will help you bring back your rhythm to follow-up old sales leads! We’ll also introduce a business strategy consultant that could help you do this flawlessly. Check out the information below and apply them to your business to see the positive changes you’ve dreamed of! 


As Good as Gold Mines 


Loading Growth | Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads? 

Did you know that if you have the rhythm to follow-up old sales leads, you can dig a gold mine in the future? Well, not literally gold, but they could give gold once you’ve converted them. Admit it or not, old sales leads are taken for granted. Why? Because they are the ones that haven’t been converted in the first or second attempt. However, it’s not the end! They are just like the crops we saved for the next harvest. So chill 


Strengthening Customer Relationship Management 

The first step in bringing back your rhythm to follow-up old sales leads lies in your CRM or customer relationship management. It is long proclaimed that “customers are always right” and it is up to business owners like you how you can keep them engaged in your business. You might wonder why customer relationship is important, so here’s what you need to know about them.  

A good customer relationship: you can keep 

  • Customers are assets that can affect your revenue 
  • A good customer relationship builds loyalty and retention 
  • Helps increase the profit of your business 
  • Give way to new products and improvement in services 
  • Helps address the problems and insights of both parties 
  • Develops trust and good influence 


You see, if you can strengthen your customer relationship management, you can land on different opportunities for your business. If you can successfully do this, you will not just revive your old sales leads but also attract more customers. 


Building Good Customer Relationship with Loading Growth


Loading Growth | Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads?

It’s important to navigate your rhythm to follow-up old sales leads for the betterment of your company. With this mission, what you need is an IT Consultancy Business or business strategy consultant that would lead the way.  

Customer relationship is something you can never ignore or set aside. It should be one of your priorities if you want your sales, products, and services to improve. Your best option to achieve these is a partner in a business like Loading Growth 

With their help, you will allow your business to grow to its maximum potential! 

Loading Growth is trusted by many IT Professional Services Owners. They work with their promise to improve business profit and create positive changes in every company they work with. This is not a drill! Because their past clients could testify to the positive results they enjoyed from their service. And what more in helping you build good customer relationships? That would be a piece of cake for them! But if you aren’t convinced yet, here’s what you can expect from them. 

  • Provide perfect solutions for IT businesses  
  • Help develop leaders and influencers in the community 
  • Attracts a wide range of clients in businesses they work with  
  • Helps find competitive staff for businesses  
  • Develops a roadmap specifically designed for a certain business 
  • Has the right frameworks and designed resources that help stabilize businesses 
  • Improves revenue and sales 
  • Guides in creating personalized strategy fitting for IT service firm. 

These aren’t empty promises for they have been providing these to their clients effortlessly. Start your deal with them by visiting their website. You can also send a message to info@loadinggrowth.com or fill out the form for further questions.  


Adapt to the Latest Technology 

It would be easy to find the rhythm to follow-up old sales leads if you’re backed with the latest technology. We are talking about the software that serves its primary purpose to track your old sales leads. This could be quite expensive but could lessen your burden and at the same time make tracking easier. Here are some of the software you can try: 


1. Salesflare 
  • Works by tracking customers and sales leads automatically from your email, company database, phone, calendar, social media, and web tracking 
  • Comes with dashboards, overviews, handy metrics, and automatic follow up 
  • Projects the pages and sites where most people visit 
 2. Copper 
  • This software is perfect for G Suite users. 
  • It helps manages emails, contacts, files, deals, and track new leads 
  • Offers full automation that is user-friendly and works productively 
3. Nutshell 
  • Hailed as the best tracking software for its assessment metrics, quick leads view, assessment of conversion rate, revenue per sale, and more. 
  • Offers downloadable charts as well as reports in analytics, forecast, sales funnel, and loss. 
  • Boasts its high-end features for sales and tracking 
4. Engagebay 
  • Ideal for small businesses as it comes with SMS broadcast, automated email sequences, autoresponders, call scripts, auto-dialing, and more. 
  • Packed with smart tools that provide easy sales strategy 
  • Compatible with Office365 and Gmail with its two-way sync feature 
5. Zoho CRM 
  • Comes with an easy feature set and a huge variety of sales tracking tools 
  • It allows users to customize their dashboards, funnel charts, contact management, detailed analytics, and sales forecasting 
  • Perfect for in-depth reports and sales trend 
6. Pipedrive 
  • Perfect for online shopping stores as it serves its purpose to help you keep selling 
  • Comes with an edge in communication tracking, detailed reporting, pipeline automation, and lead management 
  • Offer tips on how to improve sales performance  

Review Your List 

Loading Growth | Do you have a rhythm, to follow-up old Sales leads? 

One way to bring back the rhythm to follow-up old sales leads is with your list. If you can retrieve your files or list of previous targets from emails, campaigns, conferences, or other seminars you can easily point out those who weren’t converted. This way you can make a new list that you can prioritize in order to attract your old leads.  



The most important step in bringing back your rhythm to follow-up old sales leads is reflection. There is a reason why your old sales leads didn’t work. But remember not to give yourself an excuse for every possible reason that you may think of. Because the moment you give entertain your excuses is the moment you gave up your opportunity to develop a good strategy. So what should you do to prevent this?  

  • Reflect on what could have possibly gone wrong 
  • Take your list and make a call 
  • Keep the conversation until you get the information that you need. But do it in a polite way where they won’t feel pressured or obliged in answering your questions.
  • You can also send survey forms or conduct a poll  



Leads contribute to sales in business. This is why it is important to keep your rhythm to follow-up old sales leads to help improve your business’s revenue and sales. With these tips, it would be easier for you to that and secure your valuable assets! Soon, you’ll be able to dig a mine of gold. So just be patient in your follow-ups and remember why you’re doing it to keep you motivated.