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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Discover how you can unlock and utilise your firm’s ability to turn your profit into growth assets. Knowing these strategies and principles will ensure the future of your business. Watch these videos to learn more.

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How to Reduce overheads to improve EBIT?

How to reduce overheads to improve EBIT? Well you need book your time into your calendar to focus on your COSTs. Irrespective of what Gross Margin you make, you won’t be able to pay bonuses and invest in growth without making a net margin.

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Why you need to Run weekly sales meetings

Why run sales meetings when you have other things to do? Well, if you are serious about growing your business, you simply cannot skip this part. Watch this short video to get some tips on how to run effective weekly sales meetings with your team.

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How to get your Company EBIT to 20%?

Is it possible to increase your EBIT to 20 percent? Yes! And you have to do it fast to protect your business from unexpected sales losses. Watch this video to find out the metrics we use that will help you do that.       

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